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About Us

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Social and Mental Health Care Agency in Oxfordshire

Dependable Social & Mental Health Ltd is a domiciliary healthcare agency located in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.


Our goal is to provide care and support services to people who want to continue living in their own homes. Our approach is to always focus on each person’s individual needs, goals, and outcomes whilst delivering them within a safe environment. This allows us together with each person, to create tailored packages that suits your needs. This allows us to achieve a plan, that best meets each persons needs, promotes the best independence possible and improves your overall well-being and quality of life.

Our commitment is to demonstrate and provide excellent care, whilst endeavouring to exceed the National Minimum Standards as set by Care Quality Commission (CQC). We are also dedicated to supporting our clients no matter the challenge.

High Quality Care Matters to Us

Our management and staff adopt a professional and best practice stance, whilst working sensitively and collaboratively with each client, their families or advocates, alongside partner agencies and professionals, to ensure that holistic needs are met.


We are committed to listening to the views of everyone concerned; we use that information to continually improve the provision of tailored care and support to you.


We have a strict quality assurance policy to ensure we meet if not exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and uphold our duties and responsibilities as a service provider.

Providing you with experienced caregivers for the best care

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Hilda Elegba
Registered Manager

Dependable Social & Mental Health Ltd is committed to providing high quality care and support services. Our experienced team, led by our Registered Manager, will ensure that your needs are met in a professional and caring way.

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Coming soon...
Care Manager

An experienced and knowledgeable Care Manager who is dedicated to providing quality care. Our team is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of each of our clients.

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Coming soon...
Administration + Care Staff

A thorough and caring team providing physical, social and mental health services. With experienced healthcare professionals and trained admin staff, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of care.

Our Vision


We ensure that we provide an effective and responsive recruitment service, which puts the needs of our clients first; by competing on costs and succeeding through quality.


Our vision of what our company presents now and for the future, is developing relationships with local authorities, NHS Trusts and private individuals, so that we are viewed as indispensable partners to promoting the individual care user’s well-being, rather than just being known as another service provider.

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How we work with you


We will work closely with each local authority, NHS Trusts and private care users we serve, to recommend services unique for each client base, appropriate service levels and pricing.


We will constantly seek out and work with our client base, to deliver the most suitable person-centred care service that meets their need. We intend to provide fair and competitive rates as a service.

Also for our staff, a key underpinning strength of our establishment, is to promote the services we offer, as not only employment but a profession; one to be proud of. We equip all our staff with this mindset which influences their mindset and approach to caring. This, they are proud of. This is the message that we want our staff to carry with them, whenever they are within the community representing Dependable Social & Mental Health.

Online Medical Consultant
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Our Mission

Dependable Social & Mental Health’s mission is to contribute to the community by fulfilling the need for excellent and affordable home health care, supporting social and overall good mental well-being.


For our clients, our mission is to deliver a tailored care experience, which is safe, caring, effective, responsive, and well-led by our team of professionals. Our aim is to place our clients, in control and at the centre of everything we do. This ultimately allows them to have the freedom, independence, comfort, and control of the care they require.   

Hospital Employees
Qualified staff with skills and experience 

It is our duty that all employees from the top to the bottom of the organisational hierarchy, have the necessary qualification, skills and experience, to provide the excellent care that meets the needs of the people who are using our service.

Our staff mission is to ensure that they have a safe and healthy working environment, and that they meet the educational and training requirements for the services that they provide.

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